Ending (Signed & Numbered)


Ending is about getting old and coming to the end of life.

“This book is incredibly well designed. It has a pace and flow that is both intriguing and riveting. The sequencing is impeccable and there never seems to be a dull moment throughout the book. Most importantly the images don’t pretend to have any direct answers to the reader. In fact, after reading the book one may find that they have more questions than when they began the book.” Forrest Soper, Photo-Eye.

“The images are not grim, they are opposing. They appose the inevitable. They express what it means to understand the value of life and its continuance. Leif has cheated the boney grip and is celebrating the severed tentacles whishing to charge him with a sentence of entropy’s gain. This book is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.” Brad Feuerhelm, American Suburb X.

“The images inside have an almost cinematic feel to them. Sandberg’s fondness for the arts is apparent. For me Bosch, Bacon, Bergman, Lynch, all come to mind. Nightmarish, surrealistic scenes.” Robin Titchener Photobookstore Magazine.

“Liberally using multiple exposures, blur and other manipulations, Sandberg has gone beyond the literal in his images and deliberately moved into realm of the metaphorical, where his expressive compositions act like stand-ins for his various emotional states.” Loring Knoblauch, Collector Daily.

Nominated to Kassel Photobook Award 2017, the experts selection.
Selected photobook of 2017 by Photobookstore UK.
Lenculture 2017, 25 Favourites Selections.
Five selections on Schellekens meta-list 2017

Hard linen cover
Size 24×30 cm
Pages 96
Text Bob Hansson, poet
Design Lasse Burell / Hans Malm
Languge English / Swedish
First edition 2017 – 500 copies
Published by Bœcker Books, Sweden
ISBN 978-91-980548-1-1

Ending (Signed & Numbered)