Beyond the Mirror’ is happening after death, with death still present and includes biographical elements such as photos from several crossings through Camino de Santiago, family and intimate photos and also a touch of sci-fi. The project has guided itself into worlds beyond what we see, beyond the mirror. Fiction can take us into other people’s lives and widen our experience. What we call reality can be quite different for each of us, but basically I believe it is what our senses register and what the brain transform it to. Fiction is something made up by your own or other people’s fantasy and the fascination of the mixture of these two things can enrichen your life.

‘Beyond the Mirror’ has an experimental approach to photography. Trying to make something related to other worlds, it was natural to use a special language. We only experience a fraction of what is going on around us and that there are many ”worlds” we cannot see or experience. ‘Beyond the Mirror’ is a fantasy around these things.