Beyond the Mirror

“A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you, the less you know.”
Peter Gasser

Receiving a death sentence is special. To say the least. You think you know everything. Have been through it all. And feel you can be practical about it. But it pierces your soul like a sharp dagger. You embark on a journey with no clear destination. And the people you love will be standing there waving goodbye in their Sunday best. I received the verdict on a crystal-clear September day from a doctor with dry, warm hands in a white room with a window open towards a black tree. My name is Leif Sandberg, and this is the story of the seconds, minutes, days and nights that followed.


Leif Sandberg is known for his introspective and experimental photography. His first book Ending (2017) dealt with panic attaches and getting old. It was followed by Beyond the Mirror (2018), continuing where Ending ends and moving into uncharted territory. He lives in Stockholm and his work have been exhibited in Swedish galleries, at Landskrona Fotofestival and Fotografiska. He has studied Art History & Art Philosophy at Stockholms University and participated in workshops with Anders Petersen, JH Engström, Antoine D’Agata and Roger Ballen.




Ending is Leif Sandberg’s story of receiving news of a life threatening disease and of dealing with the ageing process. Leif Sandberg has created an oeuvre that is urgent both with regard to content and the medium itself. The photobook Ending is Leif Sandberg’s debut. Ending also features a poem by Bob Hansson inspired by the images. Read more…


Beyond The Mirror

If Ending resides before death and in its vicinity, Beyond the Mirror passes on to the other side of death. A journey in uncharted territory. With images of real things, the imagination helps to enter new worlds, as its told by Leif Sandberg in the book, “I want to travel in the crossroads between reality and fiction”. Read more…