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Start of photography, receiving a death sentence

Born in Norrköping 1943, Leif Sandberg is a Swedish photographer, now living in Stockholm. After a career as manager in electronic component sale and after cancer surgery 2007, he started his first photographic project, Ending, which was published as a book 2017. It was followed by Beyond the Mirror, published by Void 2018. His photography is experimental and intuitive as much as staged. Autobiography is the central theme. His work has been shown in galleries, at Landskrona Fotofestival and Fotografiska. Leif Sandberg has studied art at the Stockholm University and participated in workshops with, among other notables, Anders Petersen, JH Engström, Roger Ballen and Antoine d’Agata.
”I’m not going to die yet. Not that I know of. Leif Sandberg knows. He knows he was a hair’s breadth from death and survived. That time. He was close to the border. He also knows, purely mathematically, that he does not have much time left before handing over to the rest of us to continue without him. That is the knowledge he is approaching here. He uses the photograph to formulate his own dry statement. A statement that is highly private, personal, unique or whatever you want. But in the long run, it is also a statement that we all in our own way must relate to personally. Being forced to face it is something we all suffer from. When Leif examines this with his photographs, he also does it together with his life partner and wife for 43 years. By collaborating with her, he also weaves the relationship into a central issue in his research. How far beyond ourselves do we reach? Is the body our real limit? It is precisely the last word of the previous sentence that I think is central to Leif Sandberg’s photographs. What does a border look like?”
JH Engström

I am not going to die yet



Ending is the story of receiving a death sentence and dealing with the ageing process.

Beyond the Mirror

Beyond the Mirror passes on to the other side of death, a journey in uncharted territory.

Hunger is a project by the publisher Void of 7 magazines, based on the Franz Kafka story “A hunger Artist”.


Straylight is an experiment in colour


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